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“The music was so fucking loud. I mean, at one point it was just so loud with everyone shouting their fucking hearts out that it just got uber quiet. I was sitting on that fucking cold floor—and at that point I couldn’t feel my fucking ass cheeks. My thighs were all numb so I kept pounding them with my fists like some fucking retard. The music was so fucking loud. Someone came right up to my ear and shouted get up and turn the fuck around, but I don’t know what was louder: the sound of his bloody voice or the fucking rustle of the paper bag right on the edge of my fucking ear. I stood up as fast as I could, turned around, and just stood there. I just fucking stood there for God knows how long. I tried to clench my ass to get the blood flowin’ back there, ya know? God damn it, it was cold—and fucking loud." —David Logan

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