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Hazing #1

mixed media installation
4' x 7' x 8' (1.22m x 2.13m x 2.44m)

Upon entering the space, the viewer closes the black door behind him. Standing on a carpet, he is welcomed by a warm glow of sunset light pushing through the window blinds. Two sconces light the small hallway—the light shines onto the walls and ceiling and softly land onto framed photographs hanging on the wall. While running his fingers along a decorative moulding, he gazes into the eyes of gentlemen that eerily lock their own eyes onto him. As he leans in to inspect one photograph, his breath flutters the delicate barbs of several feathers inserted into the corner of the picture frame. The quiet calm in the hallway is interrupted by voices on the other side of the brown door. He faces the door and sees a pair of small wings. He places one ear against the door and hears the ruffling of paper and the voices of gentlemen shouting something in the distance. “Fuck you, faggot, are you fucking kidding me? Don’t fucking move! Sit the fuck down, you fucking faggot. Get up and turn the fuck around!” Another pair of voices is in conversation much closer to the door—so close that he could almost whisper back and join in the talk. “They don’t fucking respect me. Chill out, man. No, I'm fucking done.” He places his hand on the door handle and gently presses down, but it is locked. He steadies his breath, slowly steps away from the door, and stands in the glowing sunset light wondering what is happening on the other side of the brown door.